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Introducing the latest Big Mouthfuls girl, Cassie! This chick showed up at my pad and was acting all shy and shit. I say acting because Cassie sure wasn't shy when I brought the camera out to film this Big Mouthfuls episode. As you can see from one of the pics below, she was being goofy and really hamming it up for the camera. Cassie is just a fun loving girl at heart and I'm sure our Big Mouthfuls members will love this episode. Once she settled down, she gave me an incredible blowjob then I layed her face down on the floor and rode the hell out of her. Cassie has one sweet pussy! The whole time she was saying, "Come in my mouth, come in my mouth!" Here's my tip of the day for all you hot chicks out there, if you want me to come in your mouth, you don't have to tell me twice! Check out our preview pics of Cassie below. If you want to see some blowjob action and me riding her ass, check out Cassie's video trailer linked on her Big Mouthfuls profile page!
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