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Charlee Chase has been employed at the MILF Lessons office for a while now. She tends to stare at my assistant Preston when she thinks noone's looking. Looks like Charlee is busted (literally and figuratively!). So when Charlee came into the MILF Lessons office and confided in me that she had the hots for Preston, I told her the gig was up a long time ago. Then it was on! I arranged a special lunch time meeting between the two. When Preston showed up, Charlee was already anxious to get down to business. Let me tell you guys, Charlee is the consumate MILF. She worked Preston's cock with a certain sense of exuberance and attention to detail! Then Charlee straddled Preston's dick and rode it like the wind. Most MILF connoisseurs have a soft hard spot for a busty blonde MILF and Charlee doesn't dissapoint. This is a MILF Lessons episode for the ages!!! Be sure to check out our video trailer of Charlee available only at MILF Lessons!!
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