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We'd like you to meet our latests TugJobs girl, Arcadia. This chick is an attractive dark skinned brunette. Arcadia has that sexy asian temptress look about her and sports a nice pair of tits along with a great ass. Of course she loves to stroke a cock til a guy just can't take it anymore. In this Tugjobs episode Arcadia really gets into it, totally focusing on the task at hand (pun intended). Arcadia loves the cock so much she couldn't help but take a few licks but Alex didn't seem to mind. Would you? That's what I thought. Arcadia was like an unstoppable dick stroking machine and it drove Alex crazy. You're not going to believe this but he ended up blowing his load on her elbow! Some kind of weird elbow fetish? Who knows but whatever works, right? Be sure to check out our video trailer of Arcadia at TugJobs, the best hetero handjob site on the web!!
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