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My Favorite MILF: Julie

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Code Name: Rugrat Revenge
Age: 39
Body: tan lined & tasty
File: 41 min. video & 171 pics
Mission Summary:
i met julie while she was at the park strolling her kid around. she started telling me how stressful kids are and i told her she needs needs a little night out on the town to relax. i gave her my cell phone number and sure enough around 8 that night she gave me a ring. i told her to swing by the house and we'll go out for some drinks. well, we had the drinks but never even left the house. she found out what a date is like with the MILF hunter real quick!

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The Mission: Track down and stalk the ever elusive MILF's. These unsuspecting sexy soccer mom's are likely to be found anywhere... the grocery store, the gas station, the beach, the name it. The MILF Hunter will stop at nothing to capture his prey. If you dont want your mom to end up here, maybe you should put some posted signs in her yard...before it's too late!

Code Name: Sandy Cooter
milf Mission Summary: Victoria was on a trip with the family from up north. I was talking to her with her husband making sandcastles like 10 yards away. Free tip guys...If you are not banging your chick right don't...

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Code Name: Low Rider
milf Mission Summary: This was the best notch in the milf belt yet. This lady IS the definition of a milf. Mother of two, married, rides a harley and STILL horny as a mo' fucker. She comes by the motel on this chopper and ...

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Code Name: Perfect Stranger
milf Mission Summary: There goes the neighborhood. You can not put a milf like this on the same block as the hunter. He can smell a milf like this from miles away...

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Code Name: Post Workout Pussy
milf Mission Summary: People call me crazy but I love the smell of post workout pussy. I mean it is so musty and tasty, I fuckin love it! This is why this was one of my most favorite missions....

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Code Name: Fire Crotch
milf Mission Summary: We were not even looking for milfs when we found Elizabeth. We were just eating shit at this fair that comes to town once a year. A carni interview here a ride there...

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Code Name: Miami Mami
milf Mission Summary: We found Christina at the boat show looking at yachts. She was the quintessential milf. Her husband is some rich developer that doesn't have the time to spend with her so he just sends her out to buy shit. Let me tell you something...

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Code Name: Gas Pump Booty
milf Mission Summary: We found Trixie at the gas station. We spotted her rack from nearly 2 fucking blocks away. Good god, she's built like a brick shithouse and has one hell of a tiger in her tank...

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